Our company was founded in 1983 by a father son tandem, Donald and Brian Templeman. Don previously worked for Inmont, where for 25 years he sharpened his UV chemistry mind before splitting away and venturing into his own business. Being a chemist, Don had a vision of the future of UV technology. Brian was graduating college at the time, so the two of them joined forces and created Kolorcure Corporation.

Don and Brian successfully transformed a small workshop of dreams into an international enterprise. With UV cure technology at the heart of what we do, Kolorcure became a leading player and driver for the industry. UV ink for glass helped put us on the map, which led to an international presence within the market. As UV adoption became more popular, we were there ready to support the new demand across any substrate or process.


Kolorcure has now enjoyed 35+ years in the ink industry, supplying several markets and print processes, and still remains one of the true family businesses in America. Now onto the third generation, current president Daniel Templeman has been with the company over the past 20 years, representing the next generation with a current and future outlook for Kolorcure. Everything we produce is manufactured in our 30,000sq ft facility located in Batavia, IL, which is just 45 minutes west of Chicago. Being centrally located, our ability to get you products within a few days has always been top notch service we provide, as our turnaround time is second to none. As the industry demands to get product turned around yesterday, our customers have benefited from how quickly we can provide product, even specialties and custom formulations or color matches.

We have never looked at ourselves as an off the shelf shop, but rather an ink manufacturer willing and wanting to work with their customers to develop inks that create what they envision. We are a partner in your creation. Custom formulation and color matching are a strength we like to hang our hat on.

Collectively, we have over 100 years of experience in formulation development and technical support. Our company’s expertise covers an expansive range of colorants. In addition to our 50 press ready colors, we also offer a Thermoform line, fluorescent, pearlescent, metallic, Mirror, Chrome Silver, Reflective inks, and many other specialty products that expand the possibilities for our customers. Ink is not our only line of duty. Kolorcure has been able to formulate a wide variety of coatings for many types of applications, including Scratch Resistant, Non-Yellowing, High/Low Gloss, Interior/Exterior, as well as Dry Erase and Non-Skid.

We have developed KolorJet Primers for your toughest substrates, ranging from Glass and Metal, to Acyrlic, to Low Dyne level materials like coroplast/PP. These primers have assisted greatly in the development of direct to substrate printing, without the need for labels and vinyl that create mass amount of waste.


As we look ahead, Kolorcure continues to pave the way for new UV capabilities and beyond. Whether it be in screen, digital, flexo, coatings, or specialties, we will continue to focus on the needs of our customers. Not only being reactive to the wants but being proactive in helping you get a leg up by providing innovative products that separate them from the competition.

We will continue to invest in new technologies to enhance our product offerings, with R&D maintaining the focal point of what we do here. Whether it be adding talent to the current staff, test equipment, manufacturing equipment, certifications, or VMI software, we at Kolorcure are striving to help grow your business.

Our name doesn’t appear on your product, but our quality is a reflection on you. Let’s work together today to brighten your vision of tomorrow.