Kolorcure Inks are available in over 45 standard press-ready colors that include the 11 fluorescent shades listed below. Our product line also includes several metallic and pearlescent colors. Kolorcure’s bright white is offered for a whiter looking white and our opaque black is unmatched to any other.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that colors displayed on your monitor do not necessarily match the color in print.

Printed Kolor Charts can be mailed upon request.

Black & Whites
112 Super Dense Black
129 Opaque Bright White
130 Special Opaque Black

Halftone Process Colors
400 Halftone Base
401 Halftone Process Yellow
402 Halftone Process Magenta
403 Halftone Process Cyan
404 Halftone Process Black

Mono Pigment Colors
151 Green Shade Yellow
152 Red Shade Yellow
153 orange
154 Yellow Shade red
155 Red
156 Blue Shade Red
157 Magenta
158 Violet
159 Red Shade Blue
160 Green Shade Blue
161 Green

Fluorescent Colors
801 True Magenta
802 Blushing Pink
803 Radiant Red
804 Rocket Red
805 Fireball Orange
806 Sunset Orange
807 Golden Yellow
808 Canary Yellow
809 Vegas Green
810 Hollywood Blue
811 Ultra Violet

Metalic Colors
901 Metallic Silver
903 Metallic Palegold
904 Metallic Rich Palegold
905 Metallic Richgold