Sterling Silver

Product Description

KOLORCURE’S Sterling Silver offers exceptional silver quality, a reflective chrome-like finish and extended shelf-life all in the convenience of a one-part ink.

Universal within our system, it is available in any of our standard ink series, allowing it to be printed on most substrates.

Download Data Sheet: sterling.pdf

Elite Glitters

Product Description

Glitter particles are found in a variety of shapes and sizes. Add a little pizzazz to any printing project by using glitters to outline graphics or enhance specific images.

Our Kolorcure Elite Glitters are available in several brilliant shades of color. Their vibrance and sparkling effects are sure to make your printing stand out above the rest! Ask us about PMS-matching for Elite Glitters.

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GE Series II Improved Imitation Mirror

Product Description
An exceptional mirror-like product that utilizes vacuum-metallized pigments to provide a bright silver effect when printed second surface on transparent substrates.

Download Data Sheet: GE Series II Imitation Mirror.pdf

LC 30-700 Dry Erase

Product Description
Lustercure LC 30-700 Dry Erase Coating is a medium viscosity UV curable high gloss coating designed to be applied via the screen printing process. When cured properly this coating will provide a surface that will accept dry erase markers without beading and will not stain when the surface is wiped clean.

Download Data Sheet: 30_700.pdf

Multi King Scratch Off Ink

Product Description
Kolorcure’s Scratch Off Inks are UV curable screen printing inks formulated to provide clean and easy removal with a fingernail or coil. These products will provide excellent opacity which will completely block out printed copy.


Reflective Ink

Product Description
Our Reflective ink shows true reflectivity equal to that of reflective materials commonly used. Printing our Reflective inks gives you a cost effective alternative you can spot print, eliminating waste and cutting down production time.

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Signature Clear

Product Description

This ink is used for the credit/debit/gift card industry when needing a clear or white for signatures. It is fast curing and print receptive, making it the perfect product for the plastic card world.

Shimmer Series

Product Description

Kolorcure Shimmers are UV curable new generation colors that add brilliance and sparkle to your graphics.

Available in several shades of color, their shimmering effect adds an extra dimension to your projects to draw more attention!

Click on a link below to see an example photo. The top half is printed on black, the bottom half is printed on white.
(Note that these photos were taken using basic photography equipment. The full effect of the Shimmers are best viewed in person.)